Monday, 9 August 2010

Lord Montagu and Richard

Rosebank's medals are official!
This photo was taken on 23rd July at the Awards Ceremony at the House of Lords when each of Rosebank's four entries to the UKVA 2010 competition won awards.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Rosebank collects two silver and two bronze medals

On Friday 23rd July 2010 Richie and Rita went to the House of Lords to collect the medals Rosebank had won in this year's UKVA annual competition, judged by an independent team of MWs (Masters of Wine). Rosebank managed to collect 2 of the 65 silver medals and 2 of the 92 bronze medals (click here for all the results).

The silver medal wines were Madeleine Angevin 2009 and Reichensteiner 2009
UKVA silver medal winner

The bronze medals were awarded to Phoenix 2009 and the Regent Rose 2009.

UKVA silver medal winner
The long awaited sparkling wine is now available - it takes a couple of years to be produced, due to the double fermentation technique - and the first production of a Rosebank red wine is now also in stock.

August promises to be a busy month for Rosebank as it has just been selected to provide the wine for local sporting events.  Watch this space!

Meanwhile we are continuing to appear at many local Farmer's Markets, where we hope you will come and try some of the wine we have on offer.  Remember, once the stock runs out, you will have to wait until this year's crop of grapes has been turned into wine for next year!